Assalamo alaikom dear respected Parents,


You will recall that the Alberta government recently announced the following restrictions to In-Class learning:

  • All Grs. 7 -12 students will go back to at-home learning effective November 30th until December 18th.

  • After the winter break, all K - Gr. 12 students will be out of the school site for a weeklong at-home learning.

  • All Grades are expected back in-person on January 11th unless officially announced otherwise.


Horizon Sunday School will make the following adjustments to In-Class learning in line with these restrictions:

  • Level 7 Students will move to online learning from next Sunday, December 6, 2020 to Jan 10 , 2021. This also applies to students who are in grade 7 and up in the public school system (i.e. students who are 12 years old and above) but are taking classes at lower levels at Horizon Sunday School. These students will be moved to online learning from December 6, 2020 - Jan 10 , 2021. Parents of affected students will be receiving information about online classes (virtual class links, timings etc.) in the coming days insha'Allah.

  • Pre-KG to L6 will be In-Class from December 6 to December 13 and will switch to online learning during the winter break  (i.e. from December 20, 2020 to January 10, 2021).

  • All Classes (Pre-KG to L7) will resume In-Class learning on January 17, 2020 unless otherwise announced.


The following dates summarize these changes.

Dec 06, 2020: In-Class- Pre-KG to L6; Online: L7

Dec 13, 2020: In-Class- Pre-KG to L6; Online: L7

Dec 20, 2020: Online- All Levels (Pre-KG to L7)

Dec 27, 2020: Winter Break

Jan 03, 2021: Online- All Levels (Pre-KG to L7)

Jan 10, 2021: Online- All Levels Pre-KG to L7)

Jan 17, 2021: In-class- All Levels (Pre-KG to L7)

Jan 24, 2021: First Term assessment

Your child(ren)'s teachers will be in touch with you with information about online learning in the coming days insha'Allah. 


Please feel free to contact your child(ren)'s teacher or the Program Manager at with questions and/or concerns.

Our best regards,

HAS Management

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