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Through the Maqasid framework, this series aims to create an interactive platform to discuss individual and collective responsibility in dealing with the pandemic situation on the spiritual, emotional, intellectual and social level.  Tuesdays topic will cover a Maqasid theories and Thursdays will be for discussing a Pandemic Case Study.

Previous Episodes:

Episode 1: Introduction to Maqasid (Dr. Noureddine Berka)

Episode 2: Hazard of Conspiracy Theory in Pandemic Crisis: Silent No More (Dr. Noureddine Berka)


Episode 3: Definitions & Clarifications (Dr Ahmed Raissnouni)


Episode 4: Pandemic Crisis Outcomes & Scenarios (Positive + Negative) (Mohammed Belyamani)


Episode 5: Maqasid History and Evolution (Hicham Abbadi)


Episode 6: Response of different Religions and Groups to the Pandemic  (Panel of speakers: Abdul Hakim Murad, Navaid Aziz, Mohammed Belyamani, Noureddine Berka, Hicham Abbadi)

Episode 7: Maqasid Methodology (Dr. Jasser Auda)

Episode 8: Applying Maqasid General Framework on Pandemic Crisis (Dr Jasser Auda)

Episode 9: Maqasid Benefit & Harm

Episode 10: Pandemic Benefit/Harm Dimensions

Episode 11: The Five Necessities & Beyond

Episode 12: Pandemic and The Five Necessities

Episode 13: The Three Levels of Maqasid’s Benefits

Episode 14: COVID-19 Between Individualism and Collectivism

Episode 15: Balancing of Benefits and Harms

Episode 16: Balancing Benefit and Harm- Children, Seniors, and Businesses

Episode 17: Excuses & Consequences

Episode 18: Closing the Means for Future Pandemic

Episode 19: Scripture Vs. Human Benefits

Episode 20: Ethical Framework of Pandemic- The case of reopening schools

Episode 21: Contemporary Maqasid Discourse- Reform Perspectives

Episode 22: Fate of Capitalism in COVID-19 Era

Episode 23: How to deal with The Pandemic Crisis Through Maqasid Framework-Synthesis & Conclusion

Episode 24: Final Session

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