أصول التفسير المفهوم والتاريخ والواقع

Fundamentals of Quranic Interpretation: Concept, History, and Reality

Dr. Mohamed Kajoui

 د.محمد قجوي


Saturday April 17, 2021

3:30-5:30PM MST

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Importance of the Topic:

Allah has bestowed upon His servants as He revealed the Great Qur’an to them and brought them out of darkness into the light, and the science of “Tafseer” is the most important science at all, for it is the word of God - the Most Exalted - and it sufficed with honor, and the purpose of interpretation is to reach the meaning desired in the verse, and this is done after Establishing and explaining the scientific rules for the process of interpretation, and that is why the rules of interpretation or its origins came to understand and clarify the meanings of the Book of Allah- the Majestic and Exalted - so it is worthy of researchers to take care of it and address its issues and problems, and this is why this lecture came to contribute to the definition of the science of fundamentals of interpretation.


لقد أنعم الله على عباده إذ أنزل عليهم القرآن العظيم، وأخرجهم به من الظلمات إلى النور، وموضوع علم التفسير أهم العلوم على الإطلاق، فهو كلام الله– جل وعلا- وكفى به شرفاً، وغاية التفسير هو الوصول إلى المعنى المراد في الآية، وهذا يتم بعد وضع وبيان القواعد العلمية لعملية التفسير، ولذلك جاءت قواعد التفسير او أصوله لفهم وبيان معاني كتاب الله– جل وعلا-، فجدير بالباحثين العناية بها، ومعالجة قضاياها واشكالياتها، ولهذا جاءت هذه المحاضرة للمساهمة في التعريف بعلم أصول التفسير.









Dr. Mohammad Kajoui
• Professor of interpretation and Quranic sciences, Faculty of Arts and Humanities in Rabat - Agdal, Morocco.
• A founding member of the Association of Graduate Islamic Studies Graduates, in Rabat, Morocco.
• A founding member of the Rabat Academic Department for Research in Islamic Studies, in Rabat, Morocco.
• Founding member of a research group on the Maliki heritage in the Islamic West, in Al-Jadida, Morocco.
• Founding member of the National Forum for Researchers in the Noble Qur’an and its Concepts.
• Participated, contributed and prepared many lectures, training courses and radio programs.
• Member of the Scientific Council of Skhirat Temara in Morocco.




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