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Horizon Academy Institute Internship

Horizon Academy Institute (HAI) offers a weekend internship program for students in Grades 9 to 12 that give them the opportunity to explore a variety of leadership skills by working closely with our HAI academic and administrative staff.

The internship program provides students with a total of 4 hours per week, two of which are paid work from September to May. Participants are required to partake in all 4 hours of activities (both paid and non-paid) within the HAI programs that include leadership seminars, workshops, school homework, fundraising activities, sport activities, and many other youth leadership training opportunities.

We believe that introducing high school students to the workplace within HAI is a great opportunity for helping them develop critical leadership skills and prepare them to play a positive role in the community at large. Working for HAI and benefiting from continued youth leadership training will position participants to become successful professionals and well-rounded leaders in the community.

It is important to define “leadership” accurately in order to be able to quantify the progress of teens involved in the program. For that we have adopted a model of leadership that combines well-tested western-based models of leadership training complemented by moderate Islamic-based principals as taught by the Quran and authentic Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH). We will adopt the “Maqasid” approach of Islamic studies, which allows the youth to develop critical thinking and to dynamically interact with the divine text and western context. This will limit the problem created by literalistic interpretations that have misguided many of our youth and adult alike. 

In this model we focus on competencies of leadership, such as valuable skills, abilities, behaviors, attitudes, and knowledge areas. Although our young student leaders are not going to master every competency, they will need to be aware of all of them, know their own shortcomings, and focus on developing these competencies in themselves. This will also allow them to recognize these qualities in others so they can rotate toward people who embody these competencies and compensate for their weaknesses over time as they get into adult hood.

HAI operates a Youth Leadership Development Course (YLDC) that presently features two levels: YLDC 1 (ages 12-15) and YLDC 2 (ages 13-17). Graduates of these programs make good candidates for this internship, as they would have already been exposed to two years of rigorous leadership training.

The internship is open to all students who apply before the deadline and successfully pass the application review process and a face-to-face interview. This is a competitive program with limited slots available each year. The minimum qualifications for the position are:

1. Must be 14 or older.
2. Must be able to communicate effectively with students, staff, and clients in a variety of settings, and demonstrate the desire to work with people.
3. Must have excellent oral and written English communication skills and effective computer use (Arabic language skills is a plus.)
4.Demonstration of commitment to the mission and vision of HAI

This program is currently offered on Sundays between 10:00am-3:00pm at Chinook Learning Services, SW Calgary. The interns are expected to fully participate four hours per week from September to May. Interns may have some required take home projects and offsite activities, such as field trips and conferences.


The interns will receive the following compensation and benefit:
1. Free leadership skills evaluation
2. Free seminars and workshops.
3. A wage of $30 per week will be paid.
4. Opportunity to get reference letter

Send the following documents via e-mail to: INTERNSHIP@HORIZONACADEMY.CA

1. Cover letter 
2. Resume
3. Typed Personal Mission Statement (PMS). (One page maximum)
4. A signed authorization from parents/guardians (for candidate who are 14 years old)

DEADLINE: Will be announced soon!